Skipark Avalanche
Skiresort near Pradědem



- kind of physical therapy which employs therapeutic effects of various forms of electric energy.

Effervescent bath

- bath which features air bubbles supplied from small nozzles. It has relaxation effects, with slightly irritating, delicate massaging effects in higher temperatures.

Spring Dolní Moravice

- gives water of similar properties like the springs of Karlova Studánka

Mud packs

- a form of heat therapy. Their advantage is the use of a natural curative source

Tread bath

- uses small tubs equipped with acupressure mats. It is a simple procedure with beneficial, unexpected effects.


- humidizing of airways with the use of additives, e.g. mineral water Vincentka

Palpation method

- palpation of parts of body with acupuncture paths and points which serve as signal lights of diseases. It is also possible to palpate problematic parts of the organism - belly, sore feet, etc.

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